Tuesday, January 9, 2018

BIG PORTIONS of Fried Rice and Noodles and slightly awkward place to celebrate your birthday - The One Restaurant (Burnaby)

The One restaurant is a pretty interesting place to get your fix of Asian (mostly Taiwanese food). The portions are big relative to price and if you were celebrating a birthday, they have a very interesting way of celebrating it for you...
     When we were there, someone was celebrating their birthday. The interesting thing to note is that the owners of The One also owns the karaoke place next door. So when you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you will see is the bubble tea bar and big screens on top of the bar.  On the screen, there is a subtitled pop song playing (I assume
it's using the same system as the karaoke place next door) and that song is played throughout the restaurant.
    After we sat down and before we ordered our food, a waitress walked by our table with a big cake towards a group of girls that was sitting at a table in front of us. That pop song playing on that karaoke screen all of a sudden changed to the karaoke version of the birthday song. However, it was blasted all over the restaurant and replayed itself at least 8 times. It was funny to note that when the birthday girl was done cutting the cake, the song way still playing happy birthday. The expression on her face was very interesting to say the least that the whole restaurant knows it's her special day.
    Funny things aside, when it came to the food, I ordered a bowl of satay chicken noodles and an onion pancake. We had to order two things because the rule is that you have to order one item per person. For around $12, the bowl of noodles was pretty big. I was watching the fried rice that the pe
ople beside us were eating and it was pretty big too. I would say the portions is more than enough for one person. The taste is average, but portions were good.  The green onion cake was also pretty good.
  Overall, I wouldn't say that this place is upper scale as it seems to cater to people who are more economically conscious. However, because of that I would definitely come to this place again. 

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