Tricks to Save Money

This website is good when you are doing online shopping because it gives you a percentage of your purchase as rewards and returns it to you. How do they do that you may ask? Well they get a commission whenever you buy something, but your purchase price doesn't change. The idea is that they give you a portion of their commission. The way I see it, it is a win/win situation where you aren't losing anything because you are buying the same item either way, and also they make a small percentage and most importantly, you make a small percentage as well. To sign up for Ebates, click here: EBATES

Coupon sites
Like many people I like to try and save as much money as possible, maybe one day for this dream car or some sort of wild vacation.The most common way without leaving the comfort of your own home is by visiting some coupon sites. However, be advised that not all offers and discounts are legit. Sometimes the coupon sites will be asking you for your information and they don't really send you anything except spam afterwards. Otherwise, the things you get are pretty worth that few minutes of searching, for saving money.

Printable Coupons
There isn't really any risks to printing coupons. Just remember to always check the expiry date and if it is accepted where you will be getting the item. Sometimes what I forget to do is to check these things and I find myself feeling stupid, like using an American coupon at a Canadian store or if its expired LAST year...
I love shopping at Target because alot of the things they have are pretty cheap. I know there aren't any here in Canada (but will be soon... so watch out for those Targets). When I go to the US, I would shop at Target. Some great ways to save at Target is to go on to their website: and find coupons. They can usually be located on the homepage. The best coupons I find are usually the grocery and household amenities ones because they are more practical than alot of the other coupons on there (like the ones for furniture).

Mailed Coupons
When you sign up for mailing related things and offers, make sure that the site you are signing up on is a reputable site. Sites that are from the manufacturers are usually decent, while sometimes third party sites could be spams in disguise. When you are referred to a certain site, you can check the out other people's comments and also your knowledge to see if you know the company or not.
I'm sure many people have heard of, on there you can find many grocery coupons that will enable you to get what you like at a discounted price. Something you can find on there are things like bathroom tissues, kraft products (cheese and etc...), toothpaste coupons and more! Even though some of the discounted values are really small, it really adds up. The thing I don't like is that the coupons have to be mailed to you rather than being printed, so it takes sometime for the coupons to be received. Hey, but the good part is you don't need to waste your own paper. Visit:

Some sites to find coupons:

Other tricks to save 
$1 Drink days at Mcdonalds
The dollar drink days are back at Mcdonalds for the summer! Because all of the drinks are $1, I would recommend getting the large size (and save the rest for later if you can't finish). <-- not recommended for diabetics! In addition, the Iced Coffees (medium size maximum I think) are also in this deal. I've noticed Mcdonalds will try to rip people off by putting in lots of ice. Then it will really become an ICE coffee! :p For all those coffee drinkers, haven't you noticed that it doesn't usually take long for the coffee to finish? In reality when they add tons of ice, it gives you only a quatre-full of coffee. What you can do to get more coffee out of it is asking them for half ice or even a quater ice. It will really get you more coffee and more bang for your buck.

Maybe its just me, but I find that Iced Coffee at Starbucks are expensive. I found that you can actually buy the Starbucks VIA for Iced Coffee, they usually come in at $1.00CAD/ pack individually, sometimes you get discounts if you sign up on Starbucks' website (google: starbucks) to get email newsletters. Once you have the VIA packs, always keep one in your bag/pocket/backpack then when you feel like drinking Iced Coffee or even coffee, you go go up to a starbucks and ask for water in a cup (hot or cold) and you will find you get the same coffee but at a discounted price! It's worth a try!