Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A library of tea and warm fuzzy feelings (David's tea Metrotown Review)

There seems to be a relative new buzz in town and that's David's Tea. Every time I pass by here, it seem like lots of people are in there. This morning, I realized the place was empty so I decided to go in and check the place out.
  Walking in to the shop, you will immediately feel like the smell of tea is ambushing you. Mostly the smell of fruit teas. You will also notice the wall of teas. The sheer amount of teas make you feel like you are in an apothecary. There are teas that range from non-caffeinated fruit teas to teas with full blown caffeine.
   When I walked into the store, the barista (I think that's what they are called...) explained to me what type of teas they have and how it worked. So with the wall of tea, they can get whatever type you would like and let you have a smell. The tea can be sold by weight, which can be placed in cans or tea bags. You can also buy the tea prepared, which comes in either a hot tea, iced tea or latter form. The hot and iced tea is about $3.25 while the latte is about $1 more.
    The barista let me have a smell of many types of tea and I noticed some were organic. The sweeter teas are apparently better to be in an iced tea form (says one barista), but there was another who liked it warm. I decided to give the warm tea a try and I found a tea that caught my attention. The barista explained that the teas were sourced from all over the world and shipped from their warehouse in Boston. Apparently, the black teas are from Nepal and Kenya. After asking that, I chose my tea and that was the Blueberry Jam (Organic). Looking at the price for a cup of tea, my wallet felt a bit sore, but I never tried it before so I decided to give it a try.
   The tea itself was full of flavour, and definately a notch up from the regular tea you would get at the supermarket or the fast food outlet. I would recommend this place, however it is not cheap.

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