Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A mechanic shop converted cafe - Cafe La foret

Super spacious interior
I grew up around this area and way back in the day, this used to be a car mechanic shop. It has recently been converted to a coffee shop/ cafe and HOLY SMOKES did it breathe a new life into this place. This has got to be one of the most spacious coffee shops I've ever been to. From the outside, you can't really tell that this is a cafe with the exception of the logo that says "La Foret" which according to my French friends mean "the Forest".
   Walking inside, you will see how spacious this place really is, there are tons of seats and a really high ceiling (maybe this is why they call it "the Forest"... hinting that you need to be as tall as a tree to hit the ceiling...). The decor such the Chewbaca and Han Solo paintings on the side really itches the nerd inside of me. There is ample natural lighting such as ceiling high windows, and roof top windows which I really liked. I also like the plants they have in the island at the middle, and how tidy it is.
   Food wise, this place have an Asian twist on the food. They serve things like squid ink bread, coffee buns and other types of Asian style bread. I did notice the price here for food is a bit on the higher end (for comparison, a piece of croissant is $2.50 but the portion is small and you can get a similar one for slightly cheaper else where). I do have to admit, their baked goods are presented really well and it makes you want to buy it based on how well they present it.

   Besides baked goods, they also serve an assortment of soups, sandwiches and crepes. All of the prices are fair, but because of the portion size, I would say things are slighter on the higher end. That said, that markup probably comes in the form of a trade-off for a good venue. When I was here, all I had was a cup of coffee. It's around 2 dollars for a cup of coffee, which is average priced. However, the portion is smaller compared to other places that offer the coffee that's priced the same.
    Overall, this place is the best for the venue. It's spacious and great to meet with your friends. I have to note that it gets pretty busy here. There are signs on the wall that says they have a 2 hour time limit on the weekend (honestly, I don't know how they are going to enforce that). The decor is cool and I would definitely come back again.


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