Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant (Steveston, Richmond)

I was searching up places to eat when I came across this place and I thought since I'm going to Steveston, I might as well give it a try. From the outside the restaurant doesn't look special. But once you get closer to it, you'll see the lantern like thing at the entrance and a menu. I must say, I'm impressed as to how the menu looks.
 For alot of Japanese places I've been to, the menu looks like it's just a bunch of words someone Google Translated and put on without thought, but their menu has actual design and formatting which, along with pictures for every menu item. After I looked at the menu, I decided to go in. When I entered, I waited for a brief moment before I was seated.
This place looked genuinely Japanese the moment I was in. All of the chefs yelled "irasharimase" which means welcome. It reminded me of the time I was in Japan and I went to their restuarants, where they did the same things. When I was impressed with how clean the place is, the table I was sitting at was spotless. I was given the menu when I was seated as well as some green tea/ barley tea. The menu was the same one as the one I saw outside.
With regards to the choices on the menu, they have quite abit of selection. From sashimi's of all kinds, to nigiri of all kinds to appetizers as well. The prices of all of the menu items seem relatively high compares to the other Japanese restaurants around the area (I checked out some before coming to this one). But this one had an impressive menu and a high rating on Urbanspoon so I decided to give them a try. I decided to order a oyako don (egg with chicken don) combo, while my brother and mom who also came along decided to get a sushi combo and a chicken katsu don combo.
 After we ordered, they brought over a really cute basket with the chopsticks and napkins inside of it. This is pretty cool because in other places I've been to, usually the waiter/waitress would bring the things and plop it individually on your table while their's came in a basket. It didn't take too long for our order to come.
  The presentation of our meal was really good too. For my oyako don, it came with a lid and everything as well as a small order of edamame and soba noodles. The taste was pretty good, it wasn't too greasy yet it wasn't too dry either. It wasn't salty either, which is great.
   For the sushi, it is the first time that I saw sliced avocados being used for sushi, the sushi seems to have a pattern, rather than just a thick piece of avocado stuck in the middle of a roll of sushi. You can tell that they put alot of care in their cooking. The quality of the food is pretty high. The price are about $13 for each of the sets, but for the quality and the amount of food we are getting, it is definitely a good deal.
   I would definitely come back here again. My experience here was really good and I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for some genuine Japanese food. Here is their website: http://www.ichirojapaneserestaurant.ca/
Ichiro Japanese on Urbanspoon

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