Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Expensive Expensive Ice Cream (Marble Slab Market Crossing Review)

I have a coupon from my birthday for Marble slab and it expires today so a friend and I decided to visit. It was about 6pm in the evening and there were only one customer in the store. Walking into Marble Slab, the door made a ring and the lady working came out to greet us.
What I love best about Marble Slab is the sweet smell of dairy and waffle cones that were being made. Because my coupon was a BOGO coupon, my friend and I decided to get a large ice cream to maximize our coupon usage
 I must admit, looking at the prices of the ice cream makes me wonder if I would come here if I didn't have the coupon. At $6.49 for a large 10 ounce ice cream, I would say the price is above average. The trade off is that the quality of ice cream is better than those you get at the super market.
After gazing at their array of different kinds of ice cream, I had trouble deciding what to get. My first instinct was to find the one with the lowest amount of fat. The girl who was working explained to me that there was only the low fat vanilla that was from the low fat menu. However, they were out of it. After saying that, she offered to let me sample the other flavours. I must say what I like about their ice cream is that it isn't too sweet. I tried the coffee and green tea flavours and I must say I am abit indifferent over which one to choose. The girl explained that all of their flavours and ice creams are all natural.
After deciding for a few minutes, I decided to get the coffee flavour. Then I had an option to choose mix ins. I love nuts (I actually said that out loud believe it or not) and she gave me a mix of al of the nuts they have. They have unlimited mix ins because there is a promotion going on. After, I had an option of choosing either putting my ice cream in a cup or cone or waffle bowl. I must say, to charge extra for a cone is abit of an overkill. I decided to save some money and grab only a bowl.
 The ice cream itself tasted pretty good and above average. It wasn't too sweet and the texture was nice and smooth. Overall, Marble Slab is a good place to grab ice cream, the decor and varieties are good too. The only exception is the price, otherwise, I would definitely come back.

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