Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Constipation? Kale Ought to do it! (Jugo Juice Metrotown Review)

Jugo Juice is located conveniently at the skytrain entrance at Metrotown on the second floor. Because of its convenient location, it is ideal for a grab and go kind of thing on your way back from work or school. I had a coupon for any smoothie and it was about to expire, so I decided to check them out today.
 Even though I pass by here alot, I never actually tried them out. Not only do they sell juice, but they also have some baked goods like paninis, wraps and snacks like yogurt in the freezer. That said, their main product is smoothies. What I found very special about Jugo juice was that they had vegetable juices (like Kale and Spinach), of which I haven't seen at other juice stores.
I decided to give their Kale juice a try because it was their new and featured flavour. After the cashier took my coupon, I waited at the other side for my juice to be ready. I saw that they mixed in apple and orange juice from a machine that says 100% juice. It made me wonder where this juice is from. The apple and orange juice doesn't really have a source. After, they added the juices, they added spinach. Then with a push of a button, the spinach and apple and orange juice mix became a mixture of green juices.
 When the juices were finished, I took a sip and the taste was rather interesting. The juice did not taste like spinach, nor did it taste like apple or orange. It was abit on the sweet end, but it wasn't too overly sweet. It gave me a brain freeze however. That said, it is so green and full of fiber if think if there was any problems related to constipation, I'd imagine it be gone with this.
Overall, I think the price of their juices ($6.45) is abit on the high end. If the apple and orange juice was fresh, then I would say the price is worth it's value. However with the sources of the juices unclear, the price is abit above how much I would pay.
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  1. Most will agree with your statement that seven dollars is indeed a significant sum of money for a smoothie. However, it is important to remember that fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive here in Canada considering the need to import them from elsewhere. The lease for the physical location of the store can also be quite expensive for the owners of the establishment to keep up.

    Juice and smoothies is an excellent way for an individual to meet or exceed their recommended daily intake of vitamins and essential minerals. Unfortunately, the nature of these products requires that they be mostly fruit to be pleasing to the palate, consequently resulting in their being a high source of fructose. Nevertheless, when consumed occasionally as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle, the health benefits most certainly outweigh any such disadvantages.

    The high price of these commercial outlets of juice may be a deterrent, to many from taking advantage of the convenience presented by juices and smoothies in comparison to the consumption of fruits and vegetables. With this in mind, it may be financially advisable to those who regularly patronise these establishments to consider making a one-time investment of purchasing a blender to make similar beverages within their own homes. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the Vitamix brand of blenders and food processors is arguably an industry standard in most beverage-making applications worldwide. The power of the motors in their lines of products greatly exceeds that of most other blenders, including Homeland Houseware's Magic Bullet.

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