Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fresh Donuts!!! (Honey's Deep Cove Review)

     A few years ago I came to Deep Cove to go canoeing, and I came to this place. At the time, I was not expecting anything (being located in a tourist attraction and all) expect high prices and average food. My expectation was proven wrong when I walked into the store. I got a ham and cheese scone and the moment I took a bite into it, I fell in love with it.
    Both craving the ham and cheese scone and the hiking trails near Deep Cove, I decided to come back here with my friend today. This coffee shop and bakery is authentic and vintage as its been around for quite a while. Just the feeling of it, the decor and the fact that it's located in a small town setting makes this Coffee Shop/ Bakery really likable.
   We were a bit disappointed today because after hiking, they were sold out of the ham and cheese scone. To be fair, it was World Cup day and tons of people are here watching and cheering on their own teams. The line up to get in was super long and the place was crowded. They had a huge screen TV placed outside and there was a huge group of people all cheering for their own teams. Actually to be honest, I am not sure if everyone had their own team. It seemed like everyone cheered for Costa Rica and when Costa Rica scored a goal, the crowd went wild. For the most part, I think some people who supported the other teams were too scared to cheer for their own teams so instead everyone just cheered for Costa Rica. I guess the phrase "if you can't beat them, join them".
   When it comes to the actual baked goods, their doughnuts were very special. Unlike huge fast-food doughnut chains, Honey's actually made their own doughnuts and if you go at the right time, the doughnuts would be still warm. The texture of the doughnut is very soft on the inside and not overly greasy or sweet. I would really recommend the doughnut.
   Also, as I mentioned earlier, the scones that they have are pretty good. The scone I got today was a fruit scone. I'll admit, the fruit scone was sweet and the layer of sugar and icing on it was unnecessary. That said, personally, I try to avoid sweet foods because the fat tends to go to places where you do not want them to go. Because of that, I am not too big of a fan for the sweet scone.
   However, one thing I must mention is when it comes to service, this place can be lacking. While I was waiting in line, something, like a piece of plastic from the straw of my juice box fell on the floor. As I was bending over to pick it up, one of their staff members who was sitting grunted and picked it up and handed it to me. To be fair, it was my fault for accidentally dropping the thing, but the attitude was not necessary. Also there is a strict enforcement of no outside food.
   Overall, the baked good of this place is pretty special and the setting is special. The service could be a bit better, but I would definitely visit this place again because of the scone :) 
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