Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hot like a sauna (Denny's on Davie)

   Once you've been to a Denny's, you can almost say that you've been to all of them. However, depending on how each location is run, every Denny's can be different.
   It was Canada Day and a group of friends and I were walking around town to find a place to watch the USA vs Belgium game. At first we were at Fountain Head across the street, but because one of my friends forgot her ID, we were not able to go in. After,walking around for a bit, we decided to go for Denny's. Denny's had a menu where it included drinks (for the people that didn't want to eat) and food (for those who wanted to eat. In addition, they also had a TV that had the game on.
   Walking in, I noticed the place was abit swampy feeling. The waitress already have the menu in her hands and was taking us to our table, so we decided to stay. After sitting down, I was curious if the air conditioning was broken, so I asked the waitress. She informed me that the reason that all of the windows and doors are open was because the air ventilation system was broken. On a day that is about 25 degrees+ outside, the restaurant felt swampy.
   Opening the menu, everything was what you would expect on a Denny's menu. The Grandslams, all day breakfast and burgers. I had my eye on the avocado burger (because avocados are really high in nutrients). The burger was about $12. Then I took a look at the "Make your own burger column", and I realized that it was cheaper to make my own burger.
   The burger cost $9.79 to make your own burger and you had the choice of different meats/patties and then toppings. With the avocado added with that burger, it is only $1 more, meaning that making your own avocado burger is cheaper than getting the avocado burger.
  When we were ready to order, the waiter who came to take our order took us by surprise. When he asked my friends whether or not they are eating food, my friends replied to him that they are only getting drinks. He made this expression that was sort of a fit, and grabbed the forks and knives from the table. It was honestly a bit rude.
  After waiting for a good few 15 minutes, the waiter brought us our food. The burger portion was pretty big (I had a hard time fitting it in my mouth), and the portion of fries was very generous as well. The fries tasted pretty fresh and the chicken burger was really good. It was a bit on the tall side, so I had to squish it down really hard. I'm not sure if it's because I have a small mouth, but after squishing it, it was still too big. At the end I decided to just take out the vegetables and eat it separately.  Finally, I was able to eat the whole thing.The other benefit to custom making the burger is that you can choose real cheese instead of the processed cheese that they put inside the burger.
   Overall, I would probably not visit this Denny's again. There are plenty of good places to eat around here, the food is pretty satisfactory, however the environment and service could be improved. 
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