Thursday, July 3, 2014

Remember to ask for no mayo!!! (Donburiya Review)

Donburiya When it comes to how filling a meal is relative to its price, I would say that Japanese rice bowls are close to the top of my list. It was after the Canada Day parade when my friends and I visited Donburiya.
 From the outside, Donburiya doesn't look too big. Looking in the window, you can see a small collection of tables and a cramped ordering counter. The decor is very interesting as they had physical plastic rice bowls hung on the lights near the windows.
Walking in, you will see the menu above the cash register. I must say, when it comes to selection, there aren't that many selections. There are about a handful of selections from the menu that included three options of Ramen, curry, stir fry noodles and five dons(rice bowls). There's a mapo tofu don, teriyaki ton, beef don, kimchi and this other kind (that I don't really know what it is). Even though the options may sound very limited, it is good in a way because in theory, they will be more specialized.
I also noticed that on the menu, the rice bowls also had different sizes that range from small to extra large. There are samples of the bowl sizes on the wall that you can use for reference when ordering. In addition, as a side note, I noticed that almost all of the options have mayo added to the rice bowl. I'm not sure why people add mayo to the rice bowl, but all I know is the mayo goes right to the butt. There's so many calories in a teaspoon of mayo it's one of those things where if you read the nutrition fact after you eat the thing you would get nightmares (if you are health conscious that is).
 When it was my turn to order, I decided to take a large order of teriyaki don and I also asked if I can have one without the mayo. The cashier was very friendly and she informed me that the store is about to close. At this point, my friends and I decided to ask for our meals in to go containers. It was about $8 for a large teriyaki don, and after paying, the cashier handed me a number tag and I waited on the side.
What's interesting to note is that my friend asked for a cup of water (they have water in a counter at the exit, but you need to ask for cups). When my friend asked the cashier for cups, she looked frantically for a second for cup, then she took a two cups that were stacked on top of each other and wiped it and handed it to my friends. Not sure if it was clean or not, but it seemed cleaned.
After about 10 minutes, one of the cashiers came and brought me my teriyaki don. I have to say I really like the service and the respect they have for their customers here.

Because there was about 20 minutes to closing and everyone was starving, we all decided to eat from our take out containers. I must say, the portions were pretty good.
For my chicken teriyaki don, it was just right and there was a fair portion of chicken. The chicken was fresh and the layer of salad beneath it was very good too. The salad really adds some fiber to the mix. The chicken teriyaki don without any greens in it and its lack of fiber is like an episode of constipation waiting to happen.
Overall, I am very satisfied with this place. Not only are the portions good, the price and quality is good too. I would say because the seating is limited, the place is best for take out. I would definitely come back again. 
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