Thursday, June 8, 2017

One of the best buffets in Vancouver (River Rock Casino Resort Buffet)

If you are looking for a buffet in Vancouver, and looking for a relatively decent price (about $20 - $25 a person), then this is the place for you. I think out of all the buffets that I've been to in Vancouver, this is definitely one of the best. Whether it's selection, quality, dining environment, this place has it all.
    Beginning with the dining environment, the eating area of the buffet overlooks the Fraser river, and you can see airplanes landing while dining. It really makes for a good place to go to eat with the family (however, if you want to be romantic.. I personally wouldn't go to a buffet as stuffing as much food as possible in your mouth doesn't seem to be particularly glamorous). That said, if you and your date are both into eating, this is a great place to be.
    When it comes to selection of food, the very first thing you will see is the desert bar. They have a very large one (I am mentioning this first because it's closest to the entrance. They have a very good selection from cake to pudding to very special things like tiramisu and cupcakes. The selection of desserts was also decent in quality (it didn't feel like some buffets where it was obvious that the cakes were bought from the clearance section of a supermarket bakery). They also had special creations too in the dessert section which was great.
    After the dessert section, the sushi section was across the dessert table. The selection of sushi was pretty decent and average. They had rolls that you would expect to see at a typical sushi restaurant, These rolls were the average yam tempera rolls, cucumber rolls and California rolls to name a few.
    Across the walkway from the sushi and dessert section is the salad bar and the hotpot bar. The salad bar had things you would expect at a salad bar (leafy greens, some cole slaw, potato salad and more). They also had kimchi and bowls of fruits. The hotpot bar has a good selection of (I think cooked) seafood (like mussels and shrimp) that you can ask the chef there to add to your seafood to a soup base.
     If you kept moving past the hotpot and seafood bar, you would run into the bread and drinks section. I must say, I love the fact that their bread is presented in an artisan format (they covered it in cloth). that just raises the value of the bread than by just putting it there on the counter. Beside the bread is the soup section. They had 3 types of soups when I was there. One was the vegetable cream one while the others were a regular vegetable and spicy miso (it sounds weird, but it was really good). The qualities of the soup was also very good. In addition, they had two drink machines that made soft drinks and juices which was pretty cool to have too. If you wanted coffee, you can order it from the waiters/waitresses.
     Toward the end of the food section was where the entrees are at. Since it was Korean night, they had seafood pancakes (it wasn't as good as a Korean specialty place that sells Seafood pancakes but it was not too bad), stir fry, noodles and meat. They also had on the other side of the pillar things that you would expect at a regular buffet (like fries and chicken nuggets. I didn't have too much of these as I was already getting full from eating the buffet.
    Overall, the food here is good, the selection is good and the price was pretty decent. I would definitely come back again.

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