Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel Review (Whistler)

If you are looking for a stylish hotel that has ample space at a decent price, this is the place to go. I was in town for The North Face Whistler Half Marathon and I was looking for a hotel that was not too expensive. Being the procrastinator that I am... I decided to book a few days before the event and many places were either booked or ridiculously expensive. I managed to snatch a room here from Hotels.com on Tuesday for around $180 for 2 beds (versus the $200+ per room rate).
    My family and I went and we decided to drive. When we arrived outside, the parking was a bit hard to find because the entrance was tucked away at the side with a small sign. Before entering the parking lot, it tells you to go inside to pay and check in first (this is because the parking garage is activated with your room key...). After seeing this sign, we had to find a temporary parking for our car as I ran in to check in.
    The check in process was great. The guy at the counter was super charming... I couldn't help but feel a bit of my face turning red. There was margarita and chips at the lobby (it was free too), and I managed to grab some during the check in process. The process itself was fast and when informed the man at the check in about our car, he advised us to either park at Lot 4 (which was free) or we can pay $20 to park underground. Initially, I thought of just parking at Lot 4, but my dad felt it was too insecure so we decided to park underground instead. It was good we did that because later on at night, when I was walking and doing a course orientation, I noticed that someone was trying to break into a car.
   After we checked in, we brought our bags to our room. I must say, it was super spacious. There was a mini-kitchen, 2 balconies and a living room area. The interesting thing was that they used an iPad as an alarm and the kitchen itself was full of cutlery. It had a condo/ at home feel to it and it was great. The washroom was equipped with soap, lotion, conditioners that was very good. It was made for sensitive skin which was great for me. I also loved the smell. I later googled the brand and it was called Malin and Goetz, which is a luxury brand.
    When we finished dinner, my friend and I decided to check out the hot tub and swimming pool. Before we walked outside to the patio area where the pool was, I saw that in the small shop beside the check in counter, there was a coffee machine and it was complimentary! The coffee beans were freshly grounded too.
   I would totally come and stay at this hotel again, not only is it comfortable, but the price is decent! 

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