Thursday, April 10, 2014

Free Ice Cream with Purchase and Really Cute Supermarket!!! (City Market Burleson)/(Texas Trip Part 6)

This has got to be one of the most welcoming supermarkets I've ever been to. Unlike many supermarkets nowadays (such as huge multinational companies that owns chains of supermarkets with no attention to detail what-so-ever), this supermarket is locally owned. From the outside, it has a vintage feel to it, with it's slightly vintage exteriors and fainted colours.
   We were on our way to our competition when we decided to pickup some food for lunch. From our hotel to Venue 510 (where our competition was held) this supermarket was on the way. One of the biggest differences that I noticed was the pricing between the goods here and the prices of things back in Vancouver. For example, avocados are only 50 cents each, while in Vancouver, things are $1. Apples are only 33 cents and cheese, like for a bag of Kraft Shredded cheese, it is only $2.99 which is like half the price of what it is in Vancouver.
    That said, many things are around the same price such as bread (where they are roughly $1) per loaf, for a package of bottled water (24 bottles), they are both roughly $3. So not everything is cheaper here, but many things are.
   What is really special about this supermarket is that it has a really nice small town feeling to it. The cashiers are all so friendly. Not to mention, for just making a purchase you get free ice cream. When we were there, everyone made a purchase all together. We asked the cashier if we can all get ice cream, and she was so happy to say yes. The ice cream itself was very creamy and had a nice milky taste to it. Also,

    In addition, what was really cool was that for the conveyor belt that normal supermarkets have that is linear, City Market had a circular conveyor belt. Actually, it wasn't a belt, but more like a wooden disk. It's really cool because I never seen this before.
  I guess this is what the difference between independently owned supermarkets and the huge multinational chains is. The huge multinational supermarket chains don't really have attention to detail and once you've been to one, you've been to them all. Also, at these multinational chains, you get employees who are like zombies who does not want to be there (mind you, there are great employees there too). At this supermarket, you get a really warm feeling.

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