Friday, April 11, 2014

"Everything's bigger in Texas" (Cousin's Pit Barbeque Review) Crowley, Texas)

When you are in Texas, steak and meat is definitely something that that is not to be missed (Sorry Vegans and Vegetarians! I usually am mostly vegetarian except on the occasion). My friends who were with me, who's been to Fort Worth/ Burleson before have been muttering about going to a place called "Cousin's" since we landed in DFW.
From the outside, Cousin's was located in a outdoor mall. Nestled across the parking lot from a Wells Fargo, the outside appearance of Cousin's was not too special. However, once you walk into the place the unspecialness of the exteriors immediately changed.
The inside was extremely well decorated that it gave off a Texas / Rodeo feel to it. The walls were all wooden and there were pictures and memorabilia from all sorts of country culture. Not to mention, there was country music playing when we walked in. I recall the song that was playing was Florida Georgia Line's "Round Here" (which I added to my playlist which you can find on the top of the page).
 Because it was close to closing time when we were there, everyone quickly lined up to get their food. I noticed that they had pretty big combos. All of these combos include a meat (so you can choose from dark chicken and white chicken (honestly, I don't get the difference between the chickens but the white chicken was slightly more expensive), beef (there are sizes too from a 1/4 lb to 1/2 lb and etc..., to name a few. Then there are combos that include a selection of a few meats as well.
The combo I got was the 1/4lb white chicken with two sides and Texas Toast. The way Cousin's is setup is sort of like the cafeteria at school, where you tell the lunch lady what you would like and then she prepares the food for you and you move down the line until you reach the cashier. Except in this case, it wasn't a lunch lady on the other end, but a really tall and muscular guy. After I ordered my chicken, my combo includes two sides.
The sides area was pretty cool because you can choose what you would like and the sides range from healthy options like steamed vegetables/corn to things like casseroles to desserts. The casserole sounded very promising so I decided to get it.
 After I got all my orders, I proceeded to the cashier. She was very nice as well. When my friend before me was about to pay for his order, he was missing a penny, and the cashier kept this collection of pennies that she helped my friend with. After I finished paying, I quickly joined my friends at the table.
I started with the BBQ white chicken I got. I must say, it was very delicious. It was very nice and tender and juicy. After that I had the Texas Toast followed by the two sides. In general the sides were really good and so was the toast. It was the first time I had Texas Toast, and I must say it tasted like just a very thick slide of white bread with some spices on it.
The funniest part about my meal was that they have me in a bowl something that looked like soup. After taking the first sip in it, I felt it was very salty. Some of my friends who were with me gave me a funny look. Apparently what I drank was the sauce for the chicken... I guess when they say "everything's bigger in Texas", it is justified. At this moment, the bowl of sauce was so big that it looked like soup.
 Overall, my experience at Cousin's was fantastic and if I was in town again, it probably would be the first place I rush to.
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