Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kawawa Japanese Restaurant (All you can eat version)

This restaurant is located under Silvercity at Metrotown. I've tried both their all you can eat and regular menus. I tried their regular menu and I remember it was not too bad, so I decided to go back and try the all you can eat. I went their with my friends during lunch time. The price was around $13, so we thought it was fair (compared to all of the other Japanese All You Can Eat Restaurants we've been at). The impression that they gave us was pretty mediocre, it wasn't super nice or super bad.

The Menu

Once we were seated, we were given this list of things that we are to check off. The selection on the menu was lacking in the sense that there wasn't very much choice. Our first impression, was that there wasn't many selection. There were only a few types of sashimi (like salmon and scallop) and many of the things on the all you can eat menu were fried foods. The selection of sushi was limited too, compared to the regular menu. The all you can eat menu only included rolls like dynamite and chicken teriyaki. We decided to order one of each kind.

We started with the spring rolls, potato croquettes and gyozas (fried dumplings). It didn't taste special, it wasn't bad, but not good either. The thing that we were very dissatisfied with was that all of these food aren't prepared fresh. When they arrived, the plate was hot, so we assumed that it was either microwaved or made a while ago and heated up. Also, the oyster motoyaki tasted abit gross because it was really greasy. In addition, it was served in aluminium cups, rather than the traditional shell they come in, which ultimately affects the quality and taste.

Sushi and Rolls
After, the sushi arrived. The sushi tasted pretty ok, it wasn't special. It was just like sushi that every Japanese restaurant offers. The good thing about it was that the size was right, but the taste was just plain. Then came the sashimi. Although there weren't many choice, the portions were quite satisfying. The salmon nigiri was big and it tasted pretty good. It wasn't too special compared to other Japanese restaurants. In addition, the chefs who made the nigiri didn't know they had to put a small dab of wasabi inside the nigiri to make the taste come out. Finally, the maki rolls came out. We ordered some scallop maki rolls. They didn't taste as good as we hoped, the scallop didn't taste too fresh. Being the big eater in my group, to avoid the fine that they charge on unfinished food.


The dessert selection was funny. It included pudding and fruits. The day we went, we ordered both. One was oranges, while the other was mango (I think... not sure if it was mango, didn't taste like mango though...). The mango pudding thing didn't taste too good, my friends decided to give me their cuz it smelled funny. The best part was the fruits, we had oranges that were already sliced for us. It came with 2 pieces a piece, and it tasted pretty sweet.

In general, this restaurant is mediocre.I wouldn't really recommend this restaurant unless you are super hungry and all of the places are closed. The lack of selection and the fact that alot of the things were all pre-made and microwaved, it wasn't really appetizing. The few good things that they had were the nigiri and sushi rolls. Otherwise, many of the things seems like you can get from Costco in truckloads (exaggeration), with the price you pay plus the tip.

Here is my ranking for them:

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