Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Americanized Mexican Cuisine (Chili's Burleson Review)/ (Texas Trip Part 5)

It was late at night (around 10:00) and my team and I just finished our day at Thunderbird flying field for our competition. We were hungry, and wanted some food (that wasn't fast food). We had Denny's the night before so tonight Denny's was off our list. As we were driving, we came across Chili's.
   From the outside, Chili's appears to be like a regular American diner. However, when we walked in, the whole diner feel of the exterior went away. The inside had sort of a retro feel to it with it's synthetic leather couches. It was very close to closing time, so once we were seated the waitress
reminded us that the restaurant was about to close and we only had 10 minutes to put our order in.
  Although this restaurant's main feature was Mexican cuisine, I find that many, if not all of the menu items were all somewhat Americanized versions of Mexican food.
   We were all starving by the time we got into the restaurant, and we were short on time. I quickly searched through the menu to find what to eat. I tried to stay away from the burgers and fries section, and at the end, I found a section for the health nuts. Well it wasn't called the health nut section but it contained healthy options (that was under certain calories and had only a certain percentage of fat).
  Besides meals, they had a wide variety of sides like side order of rice or steamed broccoli for only around $2. Even though the sides sounds tempting, I decided to get a meal. In the end I settled for the Grilled Tilapia.
   When it arrived, it was served on a long plate, and the presentation of it was pretty decent. The broccoli was pretty average tasting. It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything special. The rice and Tilapia was on the spicy side, not to mention that the Tilapia tasted like it's been in the freezer. That said, the sauce on the Tilapia masked abit of the taste of the Tilapia.  I would say this Grilled Tilapia was average tasting. It wasn't anything too special, but it wasn't bad either. When you are surrounded by burgers and French fries, this Grilled Tilapia is more nutritious and abit healthier than the whole deep fried options.
   When it comes to pricing however, I found that the Grilled Tilapia meal (which came in at about $13) was abit on the expensive side. The reason that I found it expensive was that the size of the meal was not that big. The sides like rice and broccoli can also be obtained for $2 each. This means that the Tilapia costs $9, ($13-$4 (for the two sides)), it was abit on the expensive side. Other than the price, I would say the service was pretty decent but abit on the slow side (I understand though, because they are near closing and everyone is probably drained from working). Also, this restuarant is pretty family friendly. They have free crayons and activity papers for kids, in fact, they gave away free crayons for kids and they gave me some too haha. 
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