Sunday, November 17, 2013

BC Sushi on Broadway and Maple (All You Can Eat)

Today on my way home from UBC I decided to give the All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) at BC Sushi a try. Their location is conveniently located just right off the 99B-line bus stop at Maple Street. Once you get off the bus, all you have to do is to cross Arbutus and BC Sushi is right there.
  When we entered BC Sushi, the decorations and furnishings inside were just average. We were quickly seated down, the waiter wasn't rude but wasn't super polite either, the service was just average. Because we were so hungry, we started ordering right away.
   One thing I've noticed is that on the order forms that we got for the AYCE menu and the actual menu that is laminated is different. On the laminated one, it includes more items than the one that we write our order on. Things like Edamame and Miso soup is written on the menu but isn't actually on the order form. We had to specifically ask for the Edamame and Miso Soup... however we realized they never came.
   The regular AYCE menu doesn't include many options. There are only 3 types of Nigiri sushi, and what I've noticed is that when the Nigiri came the sashimi didn't taste too fresh. The rice was slightly warm and the sashimi felt like it's been in the freezer for a bit too long. That said, when the sushi came, it was pretty good. The sashimi in there didn't taste bad at all. The only setback is that there aren't many options to choose from.
   What I've also noticed is that they have alot of chicken and meat varieties. Many of their menu items are chicken, there's lemon chicken (which is chicken cutlets bathed in chicken), yakitori, chicken teriyaki. The chicken tastes decent, however this is just an observation. The chicken themselves tastes pretty good.
   Another thing I noticed is that for the tempura and fried items, they tend to be over fried. You can tell that they are overfried when the panko on the vegetables of the vegetable tempura is burnt and there is a layer of oil beneath the tempera. In addition, the taste was very greasy.

That said, the AYCE is average priced and the taste and quality is average as well. For 12.95, but very limited options and average quality, I wouldn't go too far out of the way to come back, but I will come back if I am in town.
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