Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Moon (UBC)

   This is one of the only places on campus that have one of those food court like Chinese cuisine. I come here pretty often because of the convenience of it's location, especially if you are staying late on campus and don't feel like eating burgers or pizza. 
    For starters, there is not many choices when it comes to the numbers of entrees featured. Usually they only have fried rice and/or noodles and 6 to 8 other kinds of vegetables and meat to choose from. I've noticed from the times I've eaten here that mixed vegetables, sweet and sour pork, mixed vegetables with chicken is always in the warmer.
   The food tastes pretty mediocre, there are times when the rice or noodles tasted under cooked, or the vegetables tasted like it hasn't been put in the boiler long enough (like it's super hard to chew), then there are times when you are so hungry you can just eat whatever and it tastes good.
    The pricing is pretty good I say, for combo A, which is a rice/noodle (you can choose both too) it is only $5.00 and combo B is $6.50 for one more entree in addition to combo A. The portions used to be big when they used to use the rectangular lunch boxes (now they use the cylindrical ones that people put soup in). Now the portions are just fair but I say still worth the $5.00. It also depends on who is serving the food, some days you'll get someone who will give you so much food they'll need to squish it all in with the lid while other times there would still be enough spacing in the container to fit more food.
    Besides the food on the counter, they also have custom made food like noodles and whatnot that you can order.
    Overall, I would recommend this place if you are on campus and is craving Chinese food because it's convenient

, otherwise, there are better places in town for Chinese food.
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