Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Honour Roll (UBC)

  I must say, after eating here countless times, I honestly believe that this place is a sushi factory. During lunch times you can see the employees rolling sushi rolls after rolls, not stopping.
   Besides the amusing factory of sushi rollers, the Honour Roll offers sushi, bento boxes at relatively acceptable prices and taste. Starting with their rolls, the Honour Roll always have the same kind of rolls in the coolers. This includes the chicken teriyaki roll (tastes just like any other chicken teriyaki roll, nothing special); brown rice chicken teriyaki roll (for slightly higher price, you get rice that's abit more "healthier"), scallop rolls (absolutely love these, but they cost abit more at $3.95); the honour roll(which is the special UBC roll that includes tuna); dynamite rolls(their dynamite rolls are bigger than the average I'd say) smoked salmon roll just to name a few. Usually the sushi comes in 6 to 8 pieces and range from $3.50 to $5.00. The portions are not too small but usually you will find you need two to three rolls to fill up.
   In addition to the rolls, they also have entrees like bento boxes, donburis and noodles. I've noticed that you need to microwave the food to heat it up after (usually they put it in the freezer so that it's faster for people on the go). I think this compromises the quality of the food, as you have to reheat food that is already cooked. Never the less, the price of these donburis and bento boxes range from $5 to $7 and they are pretty filling. Their taste is pretty acceptable too, so I would say they are worth it. 
   Besides these main dishes, they also have snack items like dorayakis, pocky and Ramune. The price is usually higher than the super market prices but are still acceptable.
    If you are at UBC, and craving some sushi then the Honour Roll is a pretty decent place to go. However it isn't a place that is worth getting out of your way to eat from.

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