Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Starbucks Holiday Sandwich (Starbucks UBC)

On my way to lecture, I decided to stop by this Starbucks and get my lunch for the day. The thing about this Starbucks I like is that compared to the ones owed by UBC Foods. This Starbucks is abit small in size and is usually crowded. So it is good for a grab and go kind of thing. Today I was there and I saw that I had a free star on my account to give something a try, so I decided to get the Holiday Turkey Sandwich. I must say, compared to the other sandwiches and wraps they have in the cooler, this one contains less fat , but it has alot of sodium. Packing in 860mg of sodium in a 162g sandwich is abit scary. Also, if you are a healthy eater this sandwich isn't for you because it contains quite abit of artificial flavorings, colouring and preservatives such as colour, potassium sorbate, calcium disodium edta). 
  That said, it is very flavorful and tastes pretty good. The sour bread and the turkey along with the mayonnaise really brings out the taste of the meat. I ate it without the sauce, which smells really good but abit sketchy looking. The jam included smells like chicken broth and it was abit too red to be eaten so I just skipped the jam.. Also, the portion is only half a sandwich. I would say for $6.25, this sandwich is overpriced.
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