Monday, August 26, 2013

Unboxing the ASUS Vivobook (X202E-DH51T-CA)

It's that time of year again for school, and my old laptop doesn't really work anymore (well if you consider working means that the laptop shorts and powers off randomly like it's possessed... then I guess it's working). I wanted a laptop with atleast an i5 processor, and I looked through a variety of laptops. I wanted something portable (at 11.6", you can take this laptop anywhere). This laptop has the specs of 4G Ram, touch screen screen, up to 5 hrs of battery life, and at $600 it seems like a good price.
  The downsides, though, I discovered is that the battery is not detachable. I've had devices where the battery is attached to the device and I noticed that the battery life dies significantly. Besides batteries, I noticed that this laptop doesn't have a CD-drive (but it's understandable, at 11.6 inch, it's hard to fit in an optical drive).
   Here is the unboxing. As you can tell, the box is very cleverly designed. I really like the feel of it (ok, I know we are buying the laptop not the box, but it's still ok to admire it..)

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