Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Super Buffet Bellingham

It was the end of a long day, and back in Vancouver we saw the advertisements for Super Buffet so we decided to give them a try. Their location is pretty convenient, as it is just across the street from the Bellis Fair Mall (in Bellingham).

In addition to the location, they have a huge balloon on their roof that has "Hokkaido'' written on it in Chinese characters (Kanji). When you enter the buffet, it is like every Asian style buffet you go in to.  Very minimal furnishing (tables and chairs), not much emphasis on decor but they have the necessities , like basic tables and chairs. The environment is very family I find, but of you are thinking about bringing your date here, I would recommend something different (unless your date likes this setting).
   We were just in time for dinner. When it comes to food, Super Buffet has a pretty good selection of food. There is a wide range of sushi, Chinese dim sum and salads. Besides that, Super Buffet advertises that they have a wide selection of seafood, it wasn't as much as we expected but there were still quite a bit of selection. It could be that the day we went, there was not much selection. There is also a teppanyaki bar where you can get all of the raw foods on a plate and have the chef there cook it for you. There is the option of choosing what kind of sauce you would like (such as teriyaki sauce). To add the cherry on top of the ice cream, Super Buffet has a good selection of deserts from cake to ice cream.

    With regards to food quality though, the name "Hokkaido" is used very loosely because there aren't many items (if any at all) at Super Buffet that is from Hokkaido. If you are expecting to have a huge meal from Hokkaido, you might be disappointed if you go to Super Buffet. Not to mention, I find that the food is slightly on the salty side. Besides that, the quality of the food is pretty fair.
   In summary, Super Buffet is an average restaurant to go to for food. They aren't disgusting or anything, but at the same time it doesn't stand out. Similar to many Asian buffets, you are paying for value rather than quality. If you are planning to visit Super Buffet, there is a 10% off coupon (http://gosuperbuffet.com/coupons) you can print off from their site. In addition to staying for all you can eat, you can also buy food by the pound (4.99 for lunch, 5.99 for dinner or 6.99 for seafood). For those who don't eat alot, perhaps buying food by weight is more economical than sitting there for an all you can eat.

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