Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jang Mo Jib (Robson)

This was the first time that I've been to Jang Mo Jib. My friends have recommended me to eat here but I've never really got the chance, but today when I was passing by Robson and Denman I decided to stop by. First and foremost, the interior of the restaurant is pretty nice. It has a simple and not too complicated eating atmosphere.
When we entered, it was about 12 and it was lunch time. The server greeted us at the door and took us to our seats. She was very nice and when my mom asked her where the washroom was, she even offered to take her there, whereas other servers would only point to the direction of the washroom. The men's washroom was abit of an inconvenience because it was located upstairs and when you go upstairs, you can see that the place is undergoing renovation so it is slightly in a bit of a mess. 
After going to the washrooms, we were seated at our seats and the menu came. One thing I noticed about their menu is that most of the items on it contains beef. It's either hotpot cooked in beef broth, or beef rice. They do have options that allowed you to take out the beef. However, the compromise is the flavor because the dish itself is based upon beef broth. 
We ordered a Korean Rice and a Hot Pot. With ordering, we got 4 appetizers that came with the meals. The appetizers themselves were really good, there were kimchi, cabbage, potato and sprouted beans. The funny thing though, was that the waitress gave us a bottle of hot sauce... but the appetizers themselves were already covered in hot sauce... Otherwise, the appetizers were delicious. I would caution anyone who isn't use to eating Kimchi to not eat a mouthful at once. At the instant you put kimchi in your mouth, you will be fooled by the coldness that it isn't spicy. It's when the Kimchi goes down your throat that you start to feel it...
After, the hotpot and the Korean Rice arrived. Because we ordered the vegetarian option, it tasted abit bland. The hotpot itself had tofu, mushrooms and a bowl of rice while the Korean Rice (Not sure what it is called, can't remember) has a half cooked egg, some vegetables with it. One thing I noticed with their rice is that oil was added to it for the taste I believe. Another interesting thing was that I found hair in my Korean Rice, so I let the waitress know. She was so nice about it and the head waitress brought me another one and she was apologizing like 10 times. The service itself was pretty good, but the food is mediocre I would say. 
In summary, the portions themselves were pretty small. For something that is almost $10 and it only includes a small portion, I would say that the vegetarian options are slightly overly priced. That said, the service was good, and I would consider returning again.
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