Monday, October 28, 2013

Firepots (Brentwood station)

When I first walked into Firepots, the first thing that came to my mind was how empty the place was. The restaurant itself was not too big, and they had 5 or 6 servers there, yet, there were no customers. However, after that initial impression, we were greeted by a waiter that sat us down promptly. The waiter was really professionally dressed, and over all was very polite.
After being seated down, they gave us the menu. Their menu contained quite abit of items. They had a huge list of appetizers, and of course, hot pots. We first ordered an appetizer of vietnamese spring rolls (I think that's what they are called...). I'll have to admit, the price is pricy. For 2 rolls, I think it came in at about 6 bucks. Each roll is the size of 2 bites. It was delicious, but the price could have been lower.
After the appetizer, we ordered a curry chicken and a veggie hot pot. The curry chicken hot pot came first, followed by the veggie. The plates themselves were huge. I was abit stunned because the hot pot only came with the meat and vegetables, and unlike Asia, they weren't accompanied by rice. The two hot pot we ordered were generous in size. The veggie contained broccoli, lettuce and mushrooms, while the chicken had everything the veggie had, but also chicken. The soup base of the chicken was curry though, which was different from the veggie one. The quality was abit higher than average. Coming in at about $16 per hot pot, however, it was a bit pricy.
The environment of the restaurant itself was quiet, and abit dark, so it had a great atmosphere.
Overall, this restuarant has a good environment and quality of food, however, the drawback is that it is pricy.

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