Friday, April 4, 2014

New American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Review (AA 2248) (Texas Trip Part 2)

I have been an airline / aviation enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and I must say, I am very impressed with what American Airlines have done with their fleet of aircraft, and renovations. After checking in at SeaTac Airport, we immediately rushed towards our boarding gates because we were late. When we arrived, they were just boarding. Before we entered the aircraft, when we are at the gate, the service is still the same as before. The somewhat gong-show like moments before boarding and people on stand-by trying to frantically get a seat. 
When I got to the gate, it said I needed to go to the front counter at the boarding gate to get my seat, so it took a while before everything was sorted out. When everything was sorted out and I finally got to board the plane, it was a sigh of relief. 
From the outside, the 737 had American's new livery, which looks amazing in my opinion compared to the old livery. The old livery made their planes unnecessarily shiny in my opinion (although it is more eco friendly because it uses less paint/ burns less fuel). The new livery gives off a nationalist feel, yet something that represents the 21st century.
Walking into the plane, I was immediately blown away by the interior lighting. The lighting inside is adjustable, and like the ones where you would see on a Boeing 777. When we were taking off, the lighting were changed to blue and while we were in the air, it was purple. It really added a new and modern feel to the aircraft. 
In addition, the seats were innovative too. The head rest of the seats are all adjustable and you can move it according to the way you like. The material of the chairs were very nice too. It sort of felt like synthetic leather, but it was comfortable. 
What was really shocking was that American didn't fit the seats with personal entertainment systems, nor did they include ear phones. So pretty much if you wanted some entertainment on the airplane, you have to be prepared to pay for ear phones or bring your own.  The in flight drop down monitors were really cool though. During the flight, they played the movie "Delivery man" as well as an NBC special that featured many artists.
When it came to the actual flight itself, it was really bumpy. We had a few instances where the captain had to turn on the seat belt sign. As well as during landing, all of the cabin crew had to be called to their seats ahead of time because of an expected bumpy landing. 

You can watch the video of our take-off and landing here: 

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