Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not so fast, fast-food restuarant (Wendy's Bellingham Review)/ (Texas Trip Part 1)

Our airplane was due to leave Seatac airport at 4PM for Dallas/Fort Worth. By the time we crossed the border it was around noon and we were starving. We wanted something quick to fill our stomach (something like a drive-thru), when someone recommended Wendy's.
   Pulling up at Wendy's, we figured that it would be faster for us to go in individually and order because there was a long line up at the drive-thru window. Once we parked, we entered. There were about 5 people in front of our group, and we thought because it was fast food, it would be really fast.
   While we waited, I immediately noticed the difference in price (vs Canadian prices). On average the Wendy's in Bellingham offered almost the same menu as the Wendy's you would find in Canada, but the prices were lower by around 20%. I really like their value menu. Although compared to McDonald's the prices seem to be higher (like who can beat McDonald's dollar menu?!, you can buy a McChicken for $1!), but the prices at Wendy's was decent.
   That said, what I found set Wendy's apart from McDonald's is that I think they have more options when it came to healthy choices. They have the baked potato, which is very healthy if you do not add any of the condiments to it. The potato itself is rich in natural nutrients. I got two baked potato and also two grilled chicken wraps when I was at Wendy's. The taste was not super special but it wasn't too bad either.
   What was very different about this Wendy's location was that it was pretty slow in getting orders done. We waited for about a good 10 minutes before it was our turn to order. The cashiers were really nice, however they were abit ineffective. There was an open till and a few staff members floating around that could have attended the till to make the speed of the orders faster. Also, besides the slow orders, among the 6 of us in our group, 2 of us had our orders mixed up. In the end, we figured we spent longer at this place than if we ate in at the Taco Bell across the street. When we were finished with our orders and we all got our food, we quickly rushed our way down south towards SeaTac.

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