Saturday, April 5, 2014

Talent Spread too thin (Denny's Burleson Review)/ (Adventure in Texas Part 3)

It was late at night (like 11PM) when we finally arrived at our hotel. We haven't ate in a few hours and everyone was starving. We all knew that because we are going to be busy with our competition, we wouldn't have time to eat something properly (and fast food would probably be the source of food for the next few days) so we figured, Denny's is probably better than a better bet for this meal.
   From the outside, this Denny's location is just like any other Denny's location. The only thing that I was not really used to was the fact that the surroundings were pretty empty besides a gas station, the highway and a few drive throughs. I'm used to seeing Denny's in the city, but I must say I like this Denny's in the country side.
  When we walked in, the waiter greeted us. It seems like the waiter and the cook were the only ones working and the waiter was very nice and polite. I feel bad for him because he looked like he hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in a while. He politely notified us that because there was only one cook, the orders may take a while.
   After being seated down, I started to look through the menu. The menu itself felt very sugary and sticky. It was slightly gross flipping through them, but I did anyway because there was not alternatives.
 I wanted something healthier, something that wasn't fried. At the end I settled for the chicken lifestyle burger because it was grilled. In addition, instead of fries, I got seasonal veggies with my burger. This option was different than in Canada because I recall, in Canada, we don't have as many options as they have here in Texas.
   All my friends ordered burgers as well, and some even ordered nachos. When the orders came, I was pretty satisfied with the portions. For my own order however, it fel abit weird having just the burger without anything else. The seasonal veggies/ sides came awhile after the burger. The portion of the seasonal veggies was abit small (hah, what happened to "everything's bigger in Texas"? Haha).
   The burger itself tasted satisfactory, however, more care could have been put into it's preparation such as perhaps heating the bun. I don't blame the cook though, because she was all by herself. Managing a few dozen orders is very hard by herself, especially when it's late at night.
   I think it might have been a more economical choice to go to Wendy's or another fast food place. That said, after I finished my burger and sides, I must admit, I was still hungry. Before heading back to the hotel, I did a pitstop at 7-11 to grab some trail mix and crackers to fill up my stomach.
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