Friday, January 10, 2014

Zac Zac Japanese Curry House (Downtown Vancouver)

Hidden in a small corner at the food court (or should I say food corner because of how small the location is) of H Mart in Downtown Vancouver, is this Japanese take out place. I never knew that H Mart had such a place because my friend and I decided to go exploring and see what was behind the corner after the customer service counter. 
When you go past the customer service counter, there are quite a few places to eat. There is a Japanese/ Korean Sushi Place, a Korean place (that sells hotpot and Korean rice) and then this Japanese place that is called Zac Zac that is all in the corner by itself. There were many options to choose from when it comes to food, so my friend and I was walking back and forth for atleast 5 minutes before we could decide what we would like. 
At the end, my friend was craving curry while I became interested in the Japanese food when I heard the cook/ barista (or whatever they call the people that are at the front taking orders. I think calling them cashier would also fly) speak Japanese. 
There were many options for curry and rice, but the options aren't too special. Almost all of them are options you would expect to see at a Japanese curry place (chicken, pork, katsu, with rice or udon type of things). The price ranges of the items starts at $7 and goes up to around $10.
 I ordered the Oyako Don while my friend ordered the Curry Chicken. We waited for about 10-15 minutes for our order to arrive. During then, we found ourselves a spot beside the window. I must say, this food court is very crowded feeling, the space is small and they have many chairs and tables here. Almost too much for the small space, as it felt clustered.
  When we were called up to get our order, we quickly got it and returned to our table. The presentation of what we ordered looked exactly like what it looked like in the pictures.
   My Oyako Don tasted pretty good. It wasn't anything too special, but the chicken was pretty fresh. The only downside is that the chicken skin, which is essential fat is stuck to the chicken. If you are on a diet, I would recommend taking that piece of fat off. Also, it seemed like there was just a tad bit too much sauce, so the rice was slightly damp at the bottom. Other than that, it tasted pretty good and the portion was pretty good too. Overall the price, I would say is fair and quality is fair as well and I would definitely come back again. 
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