Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ebi Ten (Downtown Vancouver)

Looking for some legit Japanese fast food? I would say this is probably one of the best places I like to go. The location is conveniently located across the street from the Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch. The place is not hard to spot because of their huge orange sign that says "Ebi Ten". It was about 7:00PM on Saturday night when my family and I were downtown trying to find a place that was fast (because we were on a rush to see a show at the Orpheum Theatre).
When we go to Ebi Ten, the place wasn't too packed, but it looked packed because of how small the restaurant is. There are a very limited amount of seating at this place, (maybe 20 all together?). I think this restaurant is targeted at people who want to grab a quick lunch/dinner and go rather than eat in. 
When you enter the restaurant, you will see a cooler of already made sushi on the side with some Japanese drinks like Ramune and snacks. They also have salads as well.  Also right beside the cold foods, the warm foods are there too. There is a heater that contains potato croquettes, as well as other warm Japanese delicacies. 
Because it was dinner, we decided to go for something more filling instead. The things that are usually more filling are the rice bowl because the rice can usually fill one up. Something that I found that is very interesting is that they offered sizes for their rice bowls. This is very cool because sometimes if you aren't feeling like eating a regular rice bowl and feel like eating less, you can order a small one. Not only do you save money, you prevent wasting food. That said, they also have a large size as well if you feel like you are super hungry. Also on the side note, they add how much they give you for each size (like as in the amount in grams)
I ordered a chicken teriyaki rice bowl. They added a hint of oil in the rice to give them abit of texture that is more on the bouncy side (ok not literally bouncy... lack of a descriptive word here). Besides of having chicken, they also had some lettuce under the chicken along with some salad sauces. The portion was pretty good too. The medium was about 1lb of food and it was filling and somewhat good valued (at $7). The only down side I did not like was that I think they added too much sauce too it, so it's abit on the greasy side. Next time I come here, I might go and ask for less sauce.
My mom ordered the Mabo Tofu while my brother got the spicy chicken bowl. We also got two sides of sushi, a tuna roll and a california roll. The sushi are abit on the small size compared to other sushi places around. But I think the sushi rolls in Japan are originally small.
Just a note on the location, the restuarant itself is very small. It is very well maintained and clean, but just not a good place to dine in because of how small it is. I would recommend coming here for take out though. Overall, I like this place and I would recommend it!

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