Friday, December 27, 2013

Uncle Willy's (Metrotown)

   This buffet has been here for a really long time, you can tell by the gas light tubes inside the restaurant that the place is vintage. When you arrive at Uncle Willy's you'll notice that the doors have an open and closing direction. After you enter through the entrance, you will be at the cashier where you have to pay first. The price for a lunch is usually around $12 and dinner is around $15 for adults. The cashier was slightly on the impolite side, but the thing about All you can eat buffets is that I don't think there is a custom to tip.. (or is there?!), so I wouldn't blame them.
    After we paid for our meal, we found ourselves a big table that could fit all of us. The tables and the silverware look like it's been around for a few decades. The plastic looking plates and forks have dents in them and it seems like they've been used for decades.The trays also look vintage as well.
   With regards to food, there are quite abit of options. At the beginning of the buffet station, is a salad bar with a big container of salad and a few cold selections like macaroni and cheese salad and colesaw. After, there's the hot foods collection where there's a variety of vegetables and buns. When we were there, there was also spaghetti, steamed salmon and curry.  In addition to the main dishes, they also have ham and some Asian foods like chow mien. They also have a dessert section with cakes, pudding, soft drinks and all you can eat ice cream!
   Overall the quality of the food is fair, but some of the quality is lacking such as the consistency of the pudding... it tasted abit funny. Also, alot of the food seem to come from canned products, such as the corn and the salmon didn't really have much taste either. However, I must say, I really liked the mashed potatoes and gravy.
    I would say that the price is fair, and food is fair but it isn't exactly quality. However, seeing how it is one of the only western style all you can eat places around Metrotown, I would definitely come back again 
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