Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whitespot (Willowbrook Mall)

I don't usually eat at Whitespot because they usually give me the impression that it's fast food. Fast food that is tied in to greasy and over fried stuff that is bound to clog your arteries, but after I got off the bus across the street at Willowbrook Mall, I was hungry so I decided to go to Whitespot because it is the first thing that I saw and also they have this deal where if you buy $50 worth of gift cards, you get $10. From the outside, the Whitespot looks like any other Whitespot, but when I walked in, my impression of Whitespot changed.
This Whitespot didn't feel like a fast food place, the wooden finishing and how the waiters/waitresses are dressed up in button up shirts made this place feel more classy. Along with the paintings on the wall and wooden finishing of the interior and the cleanliness of the place, this is not a fast food place at all. After we were greeted by our waiter, we were taken to our seat. The menu was full of burgers, and some things like pasta and miscellaneous appetizers.
The special of the day was the halibut burgers but because I am watching my weight and what I eat, I was trying to avoid fried foods if I can. (Currently training to run in the 2014 Vancouver Marathon, you can read more about it on my running blog at I decided to get a lean grilled chicken burger with a Spot salad (to be honest, they don't tell you what the salad is so I thought, might as well give it a try).
 My brother got a club sandwich and my mom who also came along got a turkey burger. When the burgers arrived, the salad had almonds on top of it with olive oil on it. It came in a bowl with the burgers. I wanted to have a try at all the burgers so the two of them also gave me a piece of their burgers. My chicken burger itself tasted pretty good, the chicken was very lean, which I liked, but the bun itself was abit on the brown side. Also, even though it's a slim burger, there seems to be quite abit of mayo and dressing in the burger (remember to ask for an opt out of the mayo if you don't like your burgers greasy).
 My mom's turkey burger was very interesting, it wasn't really a burger in the sense that it had these potato seasoned with some seasonings on it (not sure what). But the burger didn't have the bun with turkey sandwiched in between, instead, the bread was at the bottom of the turkey while the top was covered with gravy. It was definitely a first time for me eating something like that. No wonder they gave her forks and knives to eat with.
 My brother's club sandwich wasn't too special, but the ham seems to be of higher quality. The ham didn't taste like the things that came from the frozen section of the supermarket, but rather something that is freshly prepared.
   Overall the taste was pretty good, and abit greasy (but less greasy than alot of Western style cuisine I've seen). The price at around $14 for each burger and salad and the quality, I would say is fair as well. This restaurant is suitable for a family setting and they have kids meals that come in a paper boat, which is really cool. I would definitely come back again!

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