Thursday, January 16, 2014

Safeway (Broadway station)

I was on my way to school this morning when I had the urge to go the the bathroom. I was searching around frantically for a free washroom when I realized there wasn't one. I mean there is McDonalds, Blenz or A and W I could go to, but I felt bad using their restrooms without buying anything.
 I suddenly looked across the street and I saw Safeway and I remembered that there's a washroom there. I headed there and the first thing I smelled when I entered Safeway was the smell of butter and pastry. Personally, the smell of butter and pastry is really attractive (sexy almost but in a non-erotic sense), the smell always makes me feel like eating. I have to hand it to Safeway because out of all of the Supermarkets around, I like their bakery counter the best. Not only are the quality of food good, but the value is even more impressive.
After going to the washroom, I dashed straight towards the bakery section to see what was out. Everything was fully stocked and I can tell they just came out of the oven. Looking around, I wanted to find something whole grain, low in fat but slightly richer in carbohydrates, that I can eat after my workout in the afternoon (Currently training for the Vancouver Marathon).
 The first thing I saw was their pizza bun. This bun is one of my favourite because the cheese on it just melts in your mouth. Not only that, the price is only 90 cents for one, or 75 cents for 4. The downside is that the flour used is enriched wheat flour (which is not as good as whole wheat). So I decided to not get this today. Trust me, I stared at the freshly baked, almost crunchy looking cheese bread for a good few minutes before my health conscious side told me to go for something else.
Immediately after, I did a quick glimpse of the cookies and all of them were stacked neatly on top of each other. Man did they ever smell good! I can almost taste the butter by looking at them. These little buggers taste good, but the downside is that the calorie count of each of them is relatively high compared to their size. After looking at them for a while, I went to the buns section.
These buns are only 25 cents each or 2 dollars for 8! The price is really good, 8 buns can easily fill up a person and I'd say 2 dollars for a meal is great value. That said, I wasn't looking for a meal, but a snack, so I ended up getting 2. The buns in my opinion is much better in nutrition because they appear to be whole wheat, non-greasy. They make a good choice of carbohydrates.
When I finished with the buns, I passed by the donut section. I won't mention too much about them... The layer of chocolate on top... Mmmmm...
I headed straight to the self checkout, passing by the Safeway Starbucks on the way. This Starbucks is abit different than the conventional Starbucks where you have coffee tables you can sit at. It was just one of those buy and go kind of places.
At the self checkout, there was barely anyone in line, so in total, I spent about 50 cents and no more than 10 minutes in the store. But I was pretty satisfied with my purchase and I will definately come back again.

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