Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Substitute your hash brown for any baked goods for free! (Tim Horton's No. 3 Road)

Across the street from Aberdeen center and Canada Line Station (Aberdeen), this Tim Horton's is in a very convenient location. This Tim Hortons is relatively new, yet from the outside it looks slight vintage and old because of it's beige colour. They do have a drive thru lane that was nestled within the end of the parking lot.
  What was strange was that this Tim Hortons was in the middle of a concentration of shops that featured Asian cuisine. In a way, it sort of stood out.
  It was pouring rain when my friend and I arrived and surprisingly on a weekday, it was really busy we almost couldn't find a parking spot. Walking into the restaurant, you can tell that the restaurant was relatively new. The ordering counter was big and they had an assortment of baked goods behind the counter. It was abit different that the traditional Timmy Ho's where you have the baked goods at the front enclosed in a glass case.
  I already had breakfast, so I just wanted something light because I was going to go airplane watching (You can check out my aviation blog under the "YVR Spotter" heading). They said on the menu that the Turkey Sausage English Muffin was less than 350 calories. I decided to give that a try. I also wanted to get a cup of coffee and knowing that with a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, I could get a discount if I got a combo. The downside about their combos is that the combos come with hash browns (which contains a lot of sodium and carbs) and it wasn't able to be substituted for anything else (or so I thought).
   It was then I thought, maybe I should asked if I can substitute the hash brown for anything else and to my surprise, I could! So then I asked:  "What is the baked goods with the least amount of fat?". Ans: "maybe you can try a muffin". At that instant I laughed really hard. The muffins probably have more calories than the entire combo plus the breakfast sandwich. The cashier laughed too because we both knew that she was telling the truth because compared to the donuts, the unfortunate thing is that the muffins (which is like 450 calories each) is probably less fatty.
   In the end I settled for a tea biscuit (which I saved for later). In total, I spent about $5.60 on the entire meal, which I say is a pretty good deal. I would definitely come back again if I was in the area).
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