Monday, April 21, 2014

An All You Can Eat That Plays Breakup Music (Four Seasons Buffet, Mt. Vernon)

Many Canadians that visit the US go to Buffets because of how cheap they are and how much food you can get. Four Seasons Buffet is one of the more popular ones that Canadians go to but is also probably one of the few all you can eat locations around this area.
Located across the street from Cascade mall and just a few blocks near exit 229 on the I-5, the location of Four Seasons is relatively convenient. They have parking outside too for you to park and if the parking lot is full (which I haven't really encountered the few times I've been here), there is the mall parking lot across the street you can park at.
  I'll be honest, the decor inside Four Seasons is a bit interesting. They have coloured lighting inside of the main dining hall, but the colours look as if it's meant for an arcade. Not to mention the music that they play is beautiful but a bit unsuitable for dining. Alot of the music are Chinese/Taiwanese ballads and instrumental versions of them. Some of the music are break up songs, so I guess when you are at an all you can eat, a break up song is appropriate because all the food you eat is making you break up with your physique.
 When it comes to food, Four Seasons is mostly an Asian styled buffet and features a Mongolian grill/teriyaki, sushi bar, numerous Chinese and western dishes, salads and dessert. Variety wise, there are quite a few items.
The Mongolian grill contains a cold bar of vegetables and raw things you can put on your plate and bring it up to the chef who will cook it for you. There really isn't anything special here when it comes to the things you can cook, these things being the meats and vegetables.
 The sushi is pretty average/ regular. Some of the rolls they have include the California roll and tuna rolls. There are usually about a dozen varieties. That said, during rush hour, it may take the chef a while to prepare the sushi. So essentially there may only be a few items on the bar at once.
 When it comes to the main courses, they have many dishes such as dim sum, chicken with broccoli, stuffed shrimp, garlic toast, cheese on oyster, lemon chicken. My favourite dishes that I liked when I was here was the glutinous rice with chicken and the dim sum pot stickers. They were slightly on the greasy end, but it was good.
The thing I noticed about Four Seasons is that eventhough the quality of food is fair, I find that alot of the items are very greasy. For example, the chicken with broccoli had a generous pool of sauce that was with it. So in the end, it was abit on the greasy side. Nevertheless, it tasted ok, but just abit greasy.
Overall, for less than $10 a person for all you can eat and with variety, I would say that this is good place to go to for all you can eat if you are in town.

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