Sunday, September 4, 2016

Air Canada Business Class from Vancouver to San Francisco (SF Trip Part 1)

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted. Life has been busy with new pursuits and goals,but I will try my best to be updating you! Recently I embarked on a quick trip to San Francisco. I was flying with a friend of mine from Air Canada so it was a new experience for me to be flying in Business Class. If I had to describe the whole experience of flying Business Class, I must say that it does make you feel special in a certain way that you get your own lines at check-in, expedited boarding and specialized baggage tags.
 In the airplane, the seats themselves were wide and the amenities included personal headphones (the quality could be better as they don't exactly fit in my ears nor does the sound comes out balanced when plugged in). The seats themselves were made of leather and every seat also had a pillow. In the front seat pocket is what everyone on the airplane gets - a copy of Enroute, the emergency evacuation procedures, a vommit bag (I'm not sure if that's what you call those wax lined bags you get... I've always assumed it's for vommit..). What was different was that an entertainment guide was included as the Business Class seats had a personal TV.

 Upon boarding, the flight attendant would offer you either orange juice or water. Personally I don’t really understand why those two are the options that is offered (I mean it does make sense to offer something like coffee or tea to wake people up) After, the flight attendant brought around the Business Class Menus.
 With regards to options on the menus, there were 2 main entrees to choose from. Either the omelette with sausage or the “healthy option” with fruits. The menu wasn’t too specific as to what the “healthy option” included, so I decided to go with the omelette option. As soon as the cabin door closed and the flight attendants were doing their final pre-flight checks, the service director came by and asked for my meal choice.
 Outside the airplane window, there were water droplets. I was looking forward to being airborne and see those water droplets zoom by. One of the best parts about being in an airplane is feeling the thrust of the engines as the magic of flight takes place. Here is a video that I took during take off. Being the first flight in the morning, it was beautiful to see the sunrise over Vancouver.  
 Once airborne, the service director came around and gave everyone a warm towel to wipe our hands with. I am not exactly sure if this has any anti-bacterial/anti-viral effects to wipe our hands with a warm towel, but it felt classy so I went with it. Afterward, she came by to collect the warm towel and then place an Air Canada tablecloth our tables and then came by to give us coffee/tea/ drinks and then individually to deliver us our meals.   The presentation of the meal itself was definitely a surreal feeling - actual bowls and plates vs aluminum. Second thought, in North American flights like this short hop, food isn’t even usually provided. Not only was there food, but it was presented on ceramic. In addition, the utensils were all Air Canada branded silverware. It was wrapped inside the cloth you would put around your lap (or use it for other things like wiping your mouth).
 When it comes to the food, the omelette was pretty good and so was the sausage and cream.The potatoes tasted like potatoes (I know that’s stating the obvious, but potatoes can be very dry or crunchy if not cooked properly…), which was good.
The fruit cup was pretty good too. After when the service director delivered the meal, she came around with a basket of warm bread. The bread itself were smaller than usual dinner rolls you would find at stores. I think this idea is great because definitely having smaller portions do reduce food waste. Also eating a lot during a flight isn’t a good idea anyway.
 Once finished, she came by to collect the utensils and the empty plates. With in a few minutes after that, we have arrived at our destination, San Francisco. The flight was beautiful in scenery and relatively smooth. In addition, the service and people working for Air Canada is fantastic. I love how personable the flight crew was. In general, there is definitely an added comfort with sitting in business class, Besides having a bigger seat, priority boarding and food that is served with real utensils and ceramic, Business class does have an added comfort compared to the economy class.

Landing in San Francisco (video to the right)

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