Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cheap Lunch Time Bento Boxes (Sushi Bella (West 4th))

If you are looking for lunch and something with a decent portion this is the place to be! I was walking on West 4th and I noticed this place had a lunch specials menu. The place wasn't too busy, but I must admit, I didn't really like the lighting when I first walked in as it was dark and the air felt a bit moist. When my mom and I were sat down, the waitress brought us the menu. It was also then that she pointed out the lunch specials menu that was separate on the side.
   After looking through the menu, the prices and selections seem pretty average and decent (so for a California roll it's around $3.50-$4.00 which is average). So there wasn't anything too special that I noticed.  However, I noticed that on the lunch special menu, the things listed on there seem to be bento boxes, but they were only for $7.95 each. The bentos seem to include rice, a side of sushi, chicken teriyaki and also a salad. In addition, they have a special lunch time sushi combo as well which included 18 pieces of sushi. The price and description sounded very tempting so we decided to get this combo.
    When the combo came, I was decently impressed. The portions were pretty big and the quality was not too bad. The sushi combo was pretty big with 18 pieces of sushi and the bento was pretty big too. The only thing that was a bit off was the fact that the teriyaki felt more like cutlet styled (like deep fried) rather than pan fried. Otherwise I think it is a good deal and I would definitely come back again for this deal.

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