Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pizza Sushi?! (Sushi Maro Yaletown Review)

   Across the street from the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, this is a very convenient location. Walking into the restaurant, one thing that I noticed was that the lighting (not that it has a lot to do with anything but just an observation) is not very good. In addition to the dark lighting, the place appears to be quite cramped in space. Today, my running group and I went to this restaurant after a practice run at Yaletown Roundhouse Community Center.
   The service was pretty decent. We were greeted by the waitress the moment we entered the restaurant. We sat down immediately after we came in and the waitress brought us the menu. She also asked if we would like water or tea. Initially everyone in our group ordered water. However, I must say the water tasted a bit funny. It was definitely tap water (I know, Metro Vancouver is trying to promote people to drink more tap water. The downside with tap water is that some building's pipes are really old and some copper may get into the water). After taking a sip or two, we all decided to grab tea instead.
   Looking at the menu, the prices of many of the items seems to be a bit on the higher end. On average, the cheapest maki sushi, like a California Roll costs $3.50. What I did notice was that some of the items seem very special. They had this appetizer called "Pizza Sushi".
   The funny thing was that all of us flipped to the specials page and the six of us all ordered bento boxes. I ordered a chicken teriyaki bento box. The menu describes the bento box comes with chicken teriyaki on rice, a roll of sushi, tempura, miso soup and salad. When the order came, it was exactly as described.
   The chicken teriyaki was good because it did not contain the hard-to-chew fatty skin that many other places include with their chicken teriyaki. The salad tasted pretty fresh as well and the tempura was moderately fried (not too overly fried, yet not raw).
    The only downside with the bento box is that the portions were small. The chicken teriyaki only had a few bites of rice with it. In addition, there was generous layer of sauce on both the chicken teriyaki and salad... at the end of the meal, the left over rice and vegetables looked like it was swimming in an oil field. Otherwise, the quality of chicken and salad was pretty decent.
   Overall, I would say this is a fair Japanese restaurant. There really is nothing too much to complain about, it has some specialties, but it also has its downsides like the crowded spaces and slightly higher pricing.
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