Friday, April 25, 2014

nice lean grilled chicken for $1.79/100grams (Greenday Salad Bar)

During lunch time, the streets of Downtown Vancouver is usually bustling with people (usually people who are at work) in their business attire trying to find food. I was also doing some work and it was lunch time and my friend wanted to meet up. She suggested going to this salad bar. Before coming in, I noticed that Fujiya next door was packed with people trying to get their sushi. Because it was so busy next door, this salad place was easy to miss as it was located deeper within this building complex.
The thing I love about salad bars, like this one is that you can walk in and choose whatever you like in whatever amount you like and pay for just the total weight (they call it gross weight I think... But it's abit weird to call the total weight of food gross, unless of course, the food itself is gross). Also, I think salad bars are rather better than going to a fast food places at the food court where you pay for a set amount of food and feel bad about not finishing it all.
   This salad bar contains over a few dozen varieties of vegetable dishes. All of these dishes looked relatively not greasy. Also, I think this salad bar is Korean owned because I noticed some of the items do have an Asian twist to it. In addition, when you walk into this salad bar, you immediately smell the aroma of freshly baked bread.
The way this salad bar is laid out is that the food is located around the corners while the middle of the store has a long table for people to sit. I would not recommend eating in here because the table looks abit uncomfortable to look at. Not to mention that with traffic of people going around getting food, I'd imagine it would feel abit pressuring for you to finish your food.
   Because I already have food with me, but I didn't want to make my friend feel bad, I decided to get something small. For $1.79 for 100grams I would say the price is decent. That said, it depends what you get. If you got something like potato wedges only, $1.79 for 100 grams is pretty expensive compared to getting 9 pieces of potato wedges at 7-11 which is roughly 100 grams for only 99 cents. I'm saying this because I got some potato wedges and grilled chicken thinking one piece or two shouldn't be that expensive.    The grilled chicken I got was pretty good. The seasoning was not too overwhelming, yet it wasn't too bland. In addition, what I liked most about the chicken was that it was relatively lean and not as fatty as some of the chicken I've had. With regards to the potato wedges, besides the fact that it was slightly over cooked, it tasted pretty decent.
   Overall, I would say this place is definitely tailored towards business folk who wants something like a quick lunch, yet want variety in their meals. The quality is pretty decent and it's definitely a good consideration if you are in the area and is looking for lunch.
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