Sunday, March 10, 2019

OneZo Tapioca (Burnaby)

There's not a shortage of places that sell bubble tea... or drinks in general. So what's so special about One zo?  For starters, I really like the fact that they make fresh tapioca pearls at their store. I actually don't usually eat tapioca pearls as I'm not a big a fan of their consistency and where shops usually source their pearls. However, this place makes me more at ease to see the packaging of where the pearls are from and the raw ingredients being used to make pearls onsite. Besides that, the quality of the tea is pretty good as well.

Price - The price is pretty average for what you would pay for a cup of bubble tea. For around $5, you can get a cup of milk tea.

 You can see the menu on this picture from the right hand side.

Seating - I would take my drink to-go because there aren't many places to sit here. When I was here, there was a long wait after orders have been placed for people to receive their orders.

Overall, I would say the taste of this place is above average and I would definitely come again.

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