Sunday, July 2, 2017

Oliver Twist Pub - All Menu Items $4.95!

If you are looking for a vintage bar and pub with relatively cheap food in Burnaby, this is the place to be. Everything on the menu is $4.95 and they aren't kidding. That business model is very similar to those in the Warehouse in Vancouver, however the dining environment is very different. Oliver Twist Pub is a sports pub and the facilities itself is decently big. The building itself is very vintage, sort of built in an Irish/ German manner. We came here on Canada day as my friends and I were in the area for Canada Day festivities.

When we arrived, it was cool to see the insides of the pub. It is very spacious with a first floor and second floor area. The first floor has very high ceilings and the second floor is built so that you can see all of the first floor. There are four giant screens that play sports above the bar area. The only thing worth mentioning is that when we arrived, the scent of alcohol was strong. I can tell that they try their best to maintain the facilities, but it is a bit on the vintage side.
We decided to grab a corner on the second floor, and the waitress came to get our drinks and orders.
    I remember it was a bit warm on the second floor, so she tried to open the windows, but they were jammed because it seemed like they haven't been opened in a while. After her failed attempt at opening the windows, she brought us the menu. It was interesting because the menu was a piece of paper that they photocopied and they only had one copy of... so our entire table had to share (which I didn't really mind).
    Taking a quick look at the menu, there are quite a bit of things to order, which is great. There is a wide selection of wings, and some other things like wraps and burgers. I wanted something that was a bit more filling so I decided to grab a wrap while my friends decided to grab the wings.The wraps and burgers also came with fries, which is great.
   Since there were only two servers, it did take a while for the food to be delivered.  When the food came, I was starving. The taste of the wrap itself is pretty average, although the fries were good. It was freshly made. The only thing I do have to comment on is the fact that the portions weren't really that big... but what can you expect for $4.95? That said, it is higher quality than fast food, but the portions itself were not big.
   Overall, I would come here again for the food because of its price.

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