Friday, June 30, 2017

Canada Day Festivities - Big Bands / Free Food and What to do on Canada Day!

Looking to plan out what to do in Metro Vancouver during Canada Day? Looking for deals and free stuff? Canada Day is great for sales and there are tons of places for festivities, so I thought it would be cool to list it all out so you can plan your day :).  Here's a list of events I've been to and I find is relatively good (though, keep in mind it's not comprehensive).  Feel free to click on the link for more details.

BURNABY - The City of Burnaby has many celebrations for Canada Day,
Burnaby is a great place to visit in 2017 for Canada Day this year as it is celebrating the 125 anniversary of the finding of Burnaby.

  1. Canada Day at Swanguard Stadium - They have concerts featuring some pretty decent bands every year. What I love most about this place is the fireworks that they have here at the end of the night. The fireworks aren't too busy, and is small but it's satisfying. The best part is you don't have to deal with the massive crowds  after. 
  2. Burnaby Village Museum - This place is really cool to see the heritage of Burnaby. They have a vintage carousel that you can ride and the entire venue is the museum. They also have a bit cake cutting ceremony that is fantastic for the family. 
  3. Edmonds Plaza and Park - this is more of a small event but it is family oriented. 

VANCOUVER - There are many good places to go for Canada Day in Vancouver,
  1. Canada Place - This is a classic place to be and where most of the bigger festivities are at. There are usually big performances, a block party and tons of free swag and food. They have exhibitions from the Military where civilians can go and take pictures and find out more about the military.  HOWEVER... expect this place to be crowded. That said, if you go during the day, the exhibitions are pretty cool for the family. 
  2. Canada Day Fireworks - This is probably the biggest fireworks in Metro Vancouver. There are many places to watch the Fireworks, but expect the place to be super busy. Be sure to plan your return home well as transit will be clogged. A good idea is either to car pool and park outside of Downtown and walk in, or perhaps hit up a bar or something right after the fireworks to wait out the crowd returning home. 
  3. Granville Island - Seafood and paddling! It is a cool place to check out! 
The big Canada Day parade is on July 2nd this year, it is still cool to check out none-the-less, click here for more details of the parade: Parade

COQUITLAM - There is a family oriented event created by the city that is very similar to Burnaby's where there are games, freebies, food and also a firework at the end of the night. It's a great place to watch fireworks if you want to avoid the big crowds downtown.
For more information, please visit: City of Coquitlam

SURREY - There is also a family oriented event here made by the city. This event has more brand name sponsors like Coast Capital Savings so I'd imagine they would have a decent amount of swag given out. Doing a quick search through the performer list, they have big bands like Hedley performing!!  Visit the event site here


  1. Grouse Mountain - This year they are trying to break the world record for making the world's largest Maple Leaf - out of people. They said they need about 1000 people to make it happen, and everyone is asked to wear red. More info here: Grouse Mountain Site 
  2. City of North Vancouver - Another family oriented event at a park North Vancouver Canada Day

WEST VANCOUVER - Click here for more info
RICHMOND - This is a cool place to be because they have festivities all over the city. The most prominent one being the festival in Steveston. I have never been but I have heard that the event is huge and good. Click here for more info
WHITE ROCK - Click here for more info

UBC - Run Canada Day (for the Diabetes Canada) and an after BBQ party at Wesbrook village is here. Click here for more info

Here are other sites for Canada Day information:
List from CBC
List from Metro
List from Georgia Straight

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