Thursday, June 29, 2017

I finally understood the meaning of "blackened" and interesting washroom design concept (Tap and Barrel Jack Poole Plaza Review)

If you are looking for a patio to sit on and eat, Tap and Barrel is a pretty decent place to be. It's a warm sunny day, and my friend and I were looking for a place to eat near Canada Place when we noticed the entire section at the Jack Poole Plaza that was fenced off. It is a bit strange to walk right into a restaurant when the entire restaurant is outside. Usually I am used to walking into a restaurant and then going to their patio through the restaurant, but in this case it's all outside!
   After the server took us to our seats, she handed us the menu and we started looking. There isn't really anything too special about their menu. Their price is relatively fair, but a bit on the upper side of things (an entree or burger is about $16). We took a while to look and both of us were craving a burger, so my friend decided to grab a beer and the both of us grabbed the "Blackened Cajun Chicken Burger".
    To be honest, I had no idea what "blackened" means... I thought it was a type of flavouring or something. When the burger came, I was decently surprised... I finally learned what blackened means... and it means that the burger is literally cooked until burnt. I've never been a fan of burnt food because the inner health nut tells me burnt food causes cancer... My guilty confession is that I would take the pieces of burnt food off before I eat it... But in this case, the entire patty of the chicken was all burnt.
     Not wanting to look weird, I ate the thing anyway while half praying that it's not actually burnt but just the colouring of the sauce on the chicken patty. Overall, the burger was pretty good.
     What was really cool about this place was that their washrooms are very spacious. I like the design concept of them because instead of dividing up a washroom by gender (where there is a male and female washroom), the had an open concept that would tell you what each stall was for. The urnals all had their own stalls with sinks and water in them. I thought that was pretty cool that I haven't seen else where. 

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