Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lights at Lafarge Lake - Free family holiday lights event

If I had to describe this place in one word, that would be WOW! There are so many light displays coupled with the natural setting of Lafarge Lake, it is just gorgeous. In addition, it is all free and walking through all of the lights (the lights span the ENTIRE circumference of the lake) takes a good 30 minutes (if you walk fast). When I was there, it took me about an hour to walk around all the displays. I saw many people with their dogs and families so it's a great family event. The lights are on display until mid-January and it is on everyday until 11PM.

My experience when I was there:
I was here with my friends. We drove and parked at the north parking lot. It was relatively busy, and there were many families around. Small children, dogs, couples... you name it.
   We began our stroll on the west side of the lake and the first thing we saw were light arches that extended all the way around the west side of the lake. The arches is really good photo material (if there were less people). There were also many small displays like Mario-kart like mushroom lights, and lights up trees. Towards the middle of the lake, you can see lights resembling animals as well as a fountain with lights underneath it. On the hill side of the lake, there is a display that writes "Canada". At first, looking at the displays close, it looks like "@ Canada" or "(c) Canada" (depending on who is looking at the lights). 
Towards the end of the arches, you will see a very cute family of reindeer made out of lights. 
We proceeded all the way around the lake. There were displays of elves on the benches and waterfalls done using lights and more. My favourite was a dining table that was covered in lights with chandelier made up of lights. The surrounding environment of the lake and the lone dining table gave the lights a mystical feel.  There are more lights like a caterpillar tunnel, sky lanterns and more.  The circumference of the lake is almost a kilometer, and the lights surround the entire area. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend coming here. Besides it being free, there are just SO MANY displays. Unlike many free displays where there are only small drizzles of lights, this place has ALOT of lights to see and you will find yourself here for an hour or more. 

1. Because there aren't any concession stands (at least I didn't see one when I was there), it is a good idea to bring your own warm hot beverage. I'm a person who feels naked when I watch lights without a hot beverage so I made a pit stop at McDonalds' before coming here.
2. If you are bringing your dog, remember to bring a leash. There are many families and dogs here.
3. If you want to bring your +1, remember that this is a family event, so if you want to be super touchy-feely... don't forget there are kids watching

Transportation / Getting here
1. Transit: Lafarge Lake is located conveniently at the Lafarge Lake Skytrain station.
2. Driving: There are a surprising amount of car parking here. The city parking is free but there's also paid parking. I would still say transit is the best.

Here is the official event website:

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