Friday, December 29, 2017

Decent Japanese and Korean Cuisine Fusion (Hon Sushi Kingsway )

Hidden on the second floor of a Earls Restuarant, Hon Sushi is one of my favourite go-to places for food when I am around.  I love coming to this place because it is always not too busy and the place is pretty spacious. Overall, the cost of food here is slightly higher than average (the reason being that the portions are not too big).

Sushi - Their sushi is a bit on the expensive end in my opinion. For example, they sell their spicy tuna rolls for $4.95 a roll and their dynamite roll for $5.95 a roll. In comparison, the portions of these rolls are fairly small. You can get the same sized rolls for around a dollar cheaper at other places. That said, the quality is pretty decent and tastes good. Also, they spend time on the presentation of the sushi, so you will always find condiments or little vegetables accompanying the sushi.

Korean Hotpot - I am not Korean so I don't really know a good benchmark for Korean food. However, when I was here, I shared a hotpot with my +1. They said there are two sizes for the hotpots, one for 2 people and the other for 2-3 people. We ordered the large size. They brought the hotpot in a gas stove and then a selection of condiments on the side. I absolutely loved the condiments such as the edamame, sweet potatoes and kimchi. The hotpot itself was alright. What I noticed was that it was full of processed food. There were alot of Spam and sausages as well as packaged ramen noodles. That said, the price was not too expensive (so what can you expect right?

Korean Fried Chicken - This was probably my favourite dish. I know... eating stuff like this isn't too healthy but letting loose a bit sometimes won't hurt. Their fried chicken is always freshly fried and the juices of the chicken are all locked inside the crispy layers of the chicken. I definitely recommend this.

Overall, this is a pretty decent place to come to. More because of the venue (as it's not too busy and it is very accessible). The price is a bit on the higher end, but the trade off is you get a nice venue. 

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