Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Sun Rise on Mount Seymour and Reflections

Mount Seymour is probably one of the places that is facing east that you can see a decent sunrise. My friends and I got up extra early on New Year's day to try to catch a glimpse of the first sun rise. The mountain roads open at 7AM but by the time we got there, a decent lineup was forming to go up. Along the way up, the sun was peeping through the mountains as the reflections of the sun was showing. Once we found a viewing point at the side of the road, we pulled over. As I reflected on 2017, I thought of a word that could encompass the year. Transitions - that's how I would describe 2017 if it comes down to just one word. Change happened at a speed of light for me in 2017. Not only change in speed of life, but ultimately the change in paradigm. I'll admit, my perception of the world was much different walking into to 2017 than walking out. I learned much more and definitely learning has taught me to be more humble and to be open yet confidence. Sometimes life isn't meant to have an answer, but rather what is to be enjoyed is the journey to find the answer. Thank you to everyone for your support, friendship and being there for me. I wish you all a happy new year and may the new year bring you hope and prosperity. 😘

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