Monday, January 27, 2014

UBC Law Cafe

Out of all of the UBC food outlets, this outlet is probably one of the smaller understaffed ones. They usually only have one person working behind the till. (Or atleast everytime I visit, there is only 1 staff member) That said, with one staff member, the staff needs to prepare things like rice, handcrafted drinks, as well as ring in the tills. When it comes to variety of foods, they have what every UBC food outlet offers, such as sandwiches, salads made by Thinkfood. They also have bottled drinks such as Odwella juice and soft drinks. So pretty much everything and anything you would expect at a food outlet run by UBC.
However, what is really special about this place, is that they have a cabinet of baked goods that you don't see at other UBC food outlets. They way they organized the cabinet really makes the breads inside look fresh. Not only does the baked goods look good, they have a good variety of pastries and baked goods too. From an assortment of scones (like cheese, apple scones) to croissants (ham and cheese, chocolate to name a few) to some Danish Pastry, there are so many to choose from.
When I was there today, I decided to get the chocolate banana cake. For about $2.00 for a piece of cake that's generous in size, it is totally worth the value. The taste is average but abit on the overly sweet side for me. Actually a funny thing, after I took a bite of the cake, I wanted to balance out the sugary after taste in my mouth with something bitter like coffee.
So I went back to get coffee. But the thing is, it's abit late in the afternoon and I didn't want to put caffine in my body (or else I'll be up all night jumping like a monkey), so I asked for a decaf. Unfortunately, they don't have decaf unless you get the latte or cappuccino, which costs over $3.00 for a small. Honestly, I think $3.00 for a small latte that is machine made is abit too much for me. I decided to wash the cake down with water instead... But the water coming out of the water fountain was slightly yellow looking. Sat the end of the day, I just ended up eating the cake with nothing. Talk about going around in a huge circle to be back at where you started eh?
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