Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Looks like an airline meal? (Zephyr Tea House Cafe Richmond Review)

Last night when my friends and I decided to go to the night market, we wanted to get something to eat before we went and a friend suggested this place so we decided to give it a try. For starters, driving into this parking lot is quite a headache. Not only is the parking space limited, the car/traffic was going in all directions it was relatively difficult to find a spot. The location of this place is pretty convenient as it is only a few steps from the Lansdowne Skytrain Station.
 After finally finding parking, my friends and I went in. The interior had a really nice Taiwanese feel to it.  Besides the T-pop playing in the background, the dim lighting really gave the place a bistro/cafe feel to it. There were couches on the sides and tables in the middle with places for people to eat at. I have to admit, the tables in the center were a bit uncomfortable because they were placed too close to each other. 
After we were taken to our seats, the menu was brought to us. The menu didn't have anything too special on it beside the classic things you would find at a Taiwanese Bistro. Things such as spicy chicken, minced pork rice and of course... bubble tea.
I wasn't too sure what to get, at first I looked at the price of the Minced Pork Rice for around $5 and I thought to myself, that's pretty good. However, I was really hungry and the low relative price of the Minced pork rice bowl compared to the other stuff made me wonder how big the portions were. 
 When the server came I asked him what's the difference in price and he told me that the Minced pork rice bowl was something more like an appetizer (I know... Who would eat a rice bowl for an appetizer?!) or for someone who was small. I think they should have sizes on these bowls. After debating for myself for a while I decided to get a Spicy Chicken Combo, while my friends got curry and popcorn chicken combo. 
 The speed that the orders came out was relatively fast, it didn't take more than a few minutes. When it came, the way the meal was placed (with the rice bowl in a separate section, the main entree in another and the appetizers/vegetables in another reminded me of airline meals. Personally, I am a huge aviation fan, so I liked the setup. I think I was too tired that day, and when the waitress brought me the combo I said in surprise that it looks like an airline meal! My friends gave me a funny stare. I guess it depends on whether or not your like airline meals, but I guess my friends didn't and I didn't take into account of people who don't like airline meals, but thankfully the waitress doesn't know English so I didn't offend anyone.
The spicy chicken looked very spicy as you can see the plate covered in chili peppers. Overall, the chicken was very fresh, a bit on the spicy side but I liked it. It was also a bit salty I found. The portions where not too big, and the rice bowl was pretty small. After finishing my meal I was still pretty hungry. 
 I would say that taking into account of the small size of the meal, but the average quality, the price is average. The food is pretty average too, I would come back if I was in the area again (and not driving).
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