Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cupcakes from a store that looks like it crawled out of a Katy Perry Video (Cupcakes Metrotown Review)

Recently, there was a buzz on a Groupon for a dozen of mini-cupcakes from Cupcakes, and it was $7 for a dozen of mini pancakes. I've walked by Cupcakes at Metrotown and to be very honest, I am pretty intrigued. The colours have a really nice cotton candy feel to it, almost as if it was something that came from a Katy Perry video. The first time I went with my Groupon it was about 8 in the evening, by the time it was my turn at the till, I found out their mini-cupcakes were sold out.
  I decided to come back a week later and I got the last box of the mini cupcakes! It was only 5 in the afternoon too! As you can tell the place is very popular.
 After I took home my dozen of cupcakes, I had first dibs. Everyone at home wanted a piece too so we finished the entire package really fast.
  The cupcakes smelled really good and you can smell the aroma of the cupcake from outside the box. The first thing I noticed is how small the cupcakes are. They are pretty much bite sized, and he frosting is like 1/3 of the entire cupcake.
  The taste of the cupcakes were above average and it tasted gourmet. I am not sure how to describe it, but you know it doesn't have that artificial refrigerated taste that supermarket cupcakes had. That said, the price is also quadruple the price of supermarket cupcakes. But for the price of the Groupon, It was totally a good treat.
In general, the quality of the cupcakes are really good. I think when it comes to business too, this company has really put some thought into the business as it is very distinctive. The only downside that I find is the high price of their cupcakes, otherwise, one of the best cupcake places in town!
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