Saturday, June 7, 2014

Authentic and Unique Japanese Cuisine (Suika Broadway Review)

When it comes to Japanese Restaurants,  there aren't many that are Japanese owned. Not only is this restaurant authentic Japanese, but it is also is very special and distinctive. From the outside, the place does not look very special, and maybe abit on the plain side. However, once you walk in, the whole vibe is different.
   The inside is slightly on the cramped side, but it is not too bad. The lighting is abit dim, but it gives off a classy feel. After when my friend and I were seated, we were brought the menus. The menu was very special. I never seen a menu where there was no picture but it was done all in text. Part of it was done in calligraphy while the other part was typed. Also, what was cool was the special of the day was drawn using a pen and photocopied. I am not really sure if it is classy but I guess it is a type of style that is unique!
  I had somewhat of a hard time to figure out what to get. There aren't really that many items on the menu and without pictures, it was abit difficult to make a choice. When it comes to food, there aren't that many choices in each category. For example, there is only one or two types of ramen, a few types of sushi and rice bowls.
   Despite their lack of choice, I think their quality of food is really good. Even though they don't have many options, the quality of food is better than the average. We ordered the special of the day (which was a chicken cutlet (I can't remember the name exactly)), negitoro sushi, and ramen.
   The order didn't take too long to come, the sushi came first followed by the ramen and chicken cutlet rice bowl. The sushi itself was not like anything I've ever had. First of all, it wasn't exactly a nigiri because it wasn't just plainly a piece of sashimi on a rice ball, but rather it was sashimi with rice and some dressings. But what was really special that I found about the sushi was that it was in an almost perfect rectangular shape. The taste was pretty good too, the taste of fish wasn't as apparent as the nice texture of sashimi. The only downside is that the price is abit high (about $9.00 for 6 pieces).
   After, we tried the ramen. The ramen itself was about $10, but it was good. I've had ramen where there is so much sodium and MSG in the broth that it makes you so thirsty when you finish drinking. However, their ramen doesn't have that saltyness in it. There are pieces of pork tendons and pork in the ramen that gives it quite abit of flavour. The noodles were really good too and it blended well with the miso. Not to mention, the portion was pretty decent too.
   Finally, we tried the cutlet meal. The set came with a half raw egg, a small plate of cold vegetables and a rice bowl with chicken and a salad on it. Personally, I think there is abit too much mayo with the rice bowl. That said, the amount of mayo really brings the flavour out of the rice. When we were brought the combo, the waitress kindly told us that we should mix the egg with the rice. The mixture looked abit funny and squishy, but it tasted really good. The cutlet and the piece of chicken was very flavourful too but abit on the squishy side because of the egg.
  Once we were finished and paid our bill, our waitress actually walked us out and bowed to thank us. I think the way they take their customer seriously like this is very good. I really like this place and I think the price, service is good and I will definitely come back again.  
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