Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Out of all the places in the lower mainland I visited, there are 2 more cities that I haven't touched upon this winter break. One of it is Coquitlam while the other is Richmond. The ironic thing is one of my favourite places to be is the airport and it's on the top of my list of places to go this break, yet I haven't went there yet.   
This morning before I left, I went to get a blood test at BC Biomedical laboratories and an ECG. (Don't worry, nothing is wrong with me, just because I am training for a marathon (you can read about my training by clicking on the page above or visiting my blog directly atrunvantraveller.blogspot.ca). I will do a separate blog post about BC Biomedical laboratories after.
After I left BC Biomedical Laboraties, I went to Tim Hortons at Metrotown for some breakfast (I'll post about the details in another post), and then I went to Starbucks to grab a sandwich (I have 12 stars so I was able to get an item for free, which I took advantage of. All those times that I drank coffee at Starbucks gotta pay off some how haha).
It was about 10 when I was all finished at Metrotown and I started to head to Richmond for my staycation. I took the 430 bus right to Bridgeport station, then I boarded the Canada Line to YVR Airport.I spent about a good few hours at the observation deck, looking out at the Tarmac and drinking coffee. This kind of stuff relaxes me as I let my imagination take flight with the planes. I've been a fan of airplanes and aviation ever since I could remember.
   The airport at Templeton station has the cheapest bottled pop around. For $1 you can get the full sized 591 mL pop!!! This price is unheard of anywhere I've been. 
   After I was finished at the airport I decided to go to Richmond Center. I must say, there aren't really anything that seems to stand out from Richmond Center and all the other malls in Vancouver. All of the stores seems to be the same. The only thing that is new and interesting is the new dining terrace and the interior design for them. It seems like all the stores here have their own designs that is special for Richmond Center that their other stores in other malls don't have.
   In addition, I found their washroom to be very interesting too. This faucet has a zen feel to it . Unlike faucets where the water just comes out of the tap, this one has water coming out in a way like the water flows out of bamboo pipes in Asia. I find this really cool. 

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